Wednesday, 23 September 2015


Math term 3

I am learning the numbers bigger than 20. 

This 35. It is 35 because it has three tens and five ones. It is bigger than 25. It has more tens in it
This is 42. 
To add them together I counted the tens. There were seven which equals 70. Then I counted the ones and there were seven.

Thursday, 17 September 2015


Wen I read I owas re read and re start wen I do a mistake I owas re start if you can not sandi it uot saey the worse slole .
I hose this work because I did everything by myself. I am getting better at doing all the work on my own.

Monday, 14 September 2015

Costume Diary

I decided to be a hover person called Hoverman, who could hover over water.

My design shows big wings with strips of plastic hanging down and that will increase my speed as I hover over water. I won't be too high but I'll be able to see dolphins and sharks.

I uecd cord bod and plastic for my costume I uecd cord bord to make my wings and I uecd plactik for my rocket and I uecd the plactik for fire on my pants, I pot some speed marks on my pant,

Week 1
it wose horde to mace my paper foote because I had to ftnde the materials. l hade to pot

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

it wose horde to mace my paper foote because I had to ftnde the materials. l hade to pot

Sunday, 28 June 2015

bird art term 2

Have you been wondering what room 7 has been doing on Fridays with Carolyn? Well here is an answer for YOU! In Circus (Rm 7) we have been working on mind-blowing quadruple art, all focused on a bird theme. During art we have been learning about pastelling, watercolour, collage and printmaking. It was amusing creating art that you wouldn’t usually do with other teachers. (P.S. Carolyn loves making terrible messes.) Each week Carolyn taught us a different creative technique. In week 1 we used watercolour. Then in week 2 we used pastels. In week 3 we learned about printing and last we did a rooster collage. I hope you like our art we sure are proud of what we created?

 My picture is in the collection.
 I am proud of my bird art.
The most challenging skill I learnt was painting and not to use too much paint.
Next time I create some art I will use this idea, use water paints.
I think our creative art is fantastic.

  circus bird art 2 circus bird art 3

Monday, 22 June 2015

Reading Post T2

I'm Learning to work hard on reading on my own. I try hard to to remember hard words and go by a corner and do my work.
I'm proud of getting lots of words correct. My next step is to read harder books on my own. 

Math sample t2

Chase had 3cars and zyd had 10cars how many are
There 3+10= 

To solve this I use my fingers. 
Next term I want to figure it out in my head. 

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Monday, 23 March 2015

Reading sample term 1

 In reading I have been learning to answer the questions. I go back to check how I have gone. I find the answers in the book.

I chose this work because I like how I wrote and drew all the answers properly and got it finished.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Whakawhanaungatanga sample - term 1 value

At the Marae.
Mayson was snoring, one-by-one.

It was a different experience for me, staying on a marae overnight.  I've never done that before.

My goal for this visit was to try new food. I found it was kind of yummy.

Day One
My buddy and I learned how to weave with harakeke and we made a puti puti.  Learning to play ki-o-rahi was the best thing ever because I had to run fast and try to get the ball.  The third learning for the day was string games where I made parachute.  I was certain the parachute would work and IT DID!
Remembering to watch out for other people helped me be happy. It meant the people I worked with were happy too.


Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Managing self term 1

I am learning to manage my self . I m asking responsibility for whe
I pot my desk here so that I don't get annoyed by other people. I am a strongman learner. This means I like being organised. 

Writing sample term 1

Writing sample  term 1
I wrote this to show what I saw.
This is good because I talk about the equipment and the action.
I will work on writing 2 or 3 sentences by myself.

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Maths sample term 1

This is my 3d octahedron net.  It is not easy to make.   It's really quite hard to get the sides matching each other.

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Term 1 maths

BzyxsdMy goal has been to use the squares to help me draw shapes

Using the squares is good because it makes the shapes how you want.this is my shape it looks like a z.