Wednesday, 23 March 2016

WALT write a persuasive argument

Is El Rancho a safe place?
I agree that El Rancho is a good place for a holiday,but some activities are dangerous. Although each activity has rules that help to keep us safe,it is important to listen and do what you are told.  
Firstly, here are some examples about how to stay safe.
Kayaking has life jackets and a paddle. Horse riding,you are given a helmet, and rifles, you are given safety glasses.

Secondly, there are good instructors and of course parents and maybe friends to help and support.

Thirdly, El Rancho is a place where you can meet lots of people from different countries, like Japan, and the Phillipines.  However, the best thing  is the food.  It is delicious. The kitchen staff are friendly, helpful and ever so nice as well.

Therefore  I agree El Rancho is a safe place for holidays and activities because there are lots of people around to help, like instructors and other people who work at El Rancho is for camping because it has everything to
have an enjoyable time.

Description: We had to write about all the things we did at Camp. I agree with the statement and I believe that El Rancho is a good place to be.

Evaluation: Orange target
Feedback: Good work Zyd I think you did really well sorting your paragraph.

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