Thursday, 18 August 2016


Feedforward: Next time work on your spelling please.
Feedback: I think that their are some pretty good facts.
It is ok for me it is the mistakes that worry me Zyd!

 They represent God. Because they have a big statue of Jesus.
They have all kinds of creatures and they do all kinds of sport like soccer.
In Brazil the food looks and tastes yummy. They  have all kinds of fruit too.
When the Olympics is finished they have a big celebration. 

Tuesday, 16 August 2016


Feedback:I think you did good
Feedworward: you need to do the post criteria

CMIYC - Assessment Term 3 2016
Defensive Skills 

     W.A.L.T Intercept the pass - use the targets to assess your progress!                                   
My weight is on the balls of my feet - Red target
My knees are flexed - yellow target
My eyes are on the ball - yellow target
I am concentrating on the timing of the pass - yellow target
I can push off towards the ball to attack the pass - green target
I can tip the ball - yellow target
I can intercept the ball and catch it with two hands - yellow target

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

olympic motto

Feedforward: you did well
Feedback: you need a description 
W.A.L.T: the Olympic motto 

Monday, 8 August 2016

Aroha atu Aroha mai!

Feedback:I have nothing to say you are so good
Feedworward: Zyd you are trying so hard so keep it up
This is Aroha atu Aroha mai 

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Discovery work

Evrey Monday we do discovery :)
Feedback:Nice work.
Feedworward:You need a w.a.l.t and mabey have more words.
W.A.L.T: show excellent in all that we do

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Task 3

Feedback: You done a great job Zyd well done.
Feedforward: Next time you could have an evaluation.

Task Three: The Olympic Flag
Research about the Olympic Flag and then answer the following questions.
Who designed the Olympic Flag? Baron de Coubertin designed the flag of the Olympics in 1913-1914
In which year was the Olympic Flag designed?
What do the five rings represent? The rings represent the five parts of the world that were joined together in the Olympic movement: the Americas, Australia, Africa, Asia, and Europe.
Why were yellow, black, green, red and blue chosen? Each country has the colour in their flag
Why are the rings interlocked? It’s like everyone coming together as a group
Draw the Olympic Flag.